Woodworker build and measure materials.

The Measure Of A Pro™

Solid. Tried and true. For those willing to get their hands dirty to raise the bar. Because the measure of a pro is the work they leave behind. Their legacy is every project completed until they break ground and build what's next. Our legacy? That's simple. It's on the hip and in the hand of every Pro since 1843.

25 feet fatmax auto lock tape being used to measure a wooden panel.
25 foot FATMAX classic tape measure being used by a person to measure length of a brick.

Hear from The Pros

My Go-To

"Having worked in the trades all my life, I have a lot of tools. But when I am working on a building or renovation, the one I reach for first is my FATMAX®. I have several other 25' tapes, but this one just works better, it's tough, durable, and the added stiffness often is the difference between getting a measurement and waiting for help to hold the rule."


22 ounces rip claw framing hammer being used to pull out nails.

Hear From The Pros

Well Balanced And Sturdy

"I've used this hammer to drive many nails and for demo work from time to time. It is comfortable to use for a long time, it grabs nails well and has enough leverage to remove them without much effort. Well made hammer that'll be around for a long time."


24 inch Box Beam Level in use by person.

Hear From The Pros

Solid Build

"I brought this a few months ago on a whim at my local Ace without a real need. I have gotten my money's worth. I have used and abused this and it sill works great. Construction of it is top notch and the only thing I would have like to see is a second handle."


More from STANLEY®

6 and 3 eighths inch Quick change retractable utility knife cutting woolen sheet.

STANLEY® Knives are made for those who depend on their tools from sunup to sundown. When the job calls for razor-sharp performance, trust STANLEY.

25 foot FATMAX classic tape measure being used by a person to measure distance.

Reach is the difference between making your mark and waiting to start. Go further with a STANLEY FATMAX Tape.