20 inch TRADE CUT Panel Saw being used for cutting wood.

Carpentry Buying Guide

Put the trusted quality of STANLEY® carpentry tools and accessories in the right hands, and the results will speak for themselves.

25 foot FATMAX classic tape measure being used by a person.

25 ft. Fatmax® classic tape measure

You can't go wrong with a classic. Especially the 25 ft. FATMAX® Classic Tape Measure. A high-impact case, comfortable grip, durable blade coating, and that unmistakable 14 ft. of reach that takes you further.*

16 OUNCE RIP CLAW WOOD HANDLE HAMMER being used to drive nail into wood.

16 oz. Rip claw wood handle hammer

Secure and remove nails with the STANLEY® Rip Claw Wood Handle Nailing Hammer. This tough hammer features a 16 oz. head made of forged carbon steel and is ideal for a variety of professional and home improvement applications.

6 Inch Classic 99 retractable utility knife cutting wooden plank.

6 in. Classic 99® retractable utility knife

STANLEY® safety, utility, and pocket knives feature comfortable, ergonomic grips for extended use. Each is designed to excel in cutting performance and durability.


6-in-1 quick change interchangeable screwdriver

Save space in your tool box with the STANLEY® 6-in-1 Quick Change Interchangeable Screwdriver. This versatile screwdriver includes standard and Phillips tips and two nut drivers. The handle is molded bi-material and ergonomically designed for comfort and strain-free use during precision, torque, and speed applications.

*Based on maximum extension of average professional user

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22 ounces rip claw framing hammer being used to pull out nails.

The STANLEY FATMAX product line includes our highest quality tools and equipment.

25 foot FATMAX classic tape measure being used by a person to measure distance.

Reach is the difference between making your mark and waiting to start. Go further with a STANLEY FATMAX Tape.