Field with wind turbine look from above.

Prepared for the future

ECOSMART™ emphasizes our company-wide sustainability efforts both internally and to the public. Our product development processes across all businesses are being retooled to provide increased focus on early identification of product sustainability opportunities that can be addressed during the design phase. These process enhancements will help ensure that every product is considered through an ECOSMART™ lens during development.

Manufacturing facility in Chiro, Taiwan, from the above.
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ECOSMART™ in Action

Plant and machinery improvements

To reduce waste, our manufacturing facility in Chiro, Taiwan replaced two electroplating lines with a single high efficiency line. This change drove 78 percent year-over-year reduction in chrome waste and an annual reduction of more than 13 million gallons in cooling water discharge. That’s enough water to fill 20 Olympic-size swimming pools.

We see the potential for our business to be an incredible force for good and that’s why we strive to create value beyond profits, including environmental and social value, generating a positive impact for our shareholders and stakeholders, as well as for society at large.



Sustainability is our promise

Zero industrial liquid discharge

In 2014, our CDIY facility in Besançon, France became the first and only site in the country to be recognized as a "Zero Industrial Liquid Discharge" facility. The Government's Water and Sewerage Department recognized Besançon's ecological achievement in 2014 by signing an official agreement to support, educate and drive similar practices across France.


When a product of ours reaches end of life, you can send it to the address below and we will properly recycle the product.  We’ve partnered with a recycler that is certified to both the Responsible Recycling (R2) Practices and the Recycling Industry Operating Standards™ (RIOS™). 

STANLEY Product Recycling Program
701 East Joppa Road, Building 600 Garage
Towson, MD 21286

If you would prefer to locally recycle your product, please visit Earth 911’s recycling search website to find a recycler near you.