Extreme Sports


Just like STANLEY users, extreme sports athletes display the utmost commitment and skill. Whether scaling the steepest of walls, or landing the most breath-taking stunts, they can now rely on STANLEY tools to maintain their kit in the best possible shape, and deliver the winning performance.


With every metre negotiated and every eye-watering trick performed, competitive BMX riders lay their utmost trust in their bikes, and the dedicated teams alongside them. Behind the scenes, as preparations begin, engineers and technicians work tirelessly each day – fixing, tuning and tweaking the kit, leaving no component or part unchecked. Nothing is considered more essential than the safety of the riders and delivering the bikes in 100% top condition. With a full range of STANLEY tools on hand, the talented riders are guaranteed that with every agile stunt and twist, they’ll be able to execute with precision, balance and speed, relying on their bikes to withstand the most challenging of tricks – and performing to their absolute best ability.


STANLEY and Skateboarding


Competing in one of the most skillful and creative sports, skateboarding athletes show an extraordinary drive to excel and a determination to be at the top of their game rarely seen in other pursuits. Picking themselves up again and again, perfecting their craft depends on persistent dedication, agility and passion – not to mention, incredible courage and total nerves of steel. Whether scaling the steepest of walls, grinding rails or landing the most outrageous of tricks, skateboarders rely on STANLEY tools to keep their equipment in the best possible shape before the competition begins. In the secure knowledge that their boards have been meticulously prepared and delivered in flawless condition, they can keep the ultimate performance always in their sights. 

STANLEY and Freeride Mountain Biking


Traversing the most difficult downhill terrains or exciting technical trails, the thrill of competing in FMB is surely second to none. Whether competing on track with exceptional dexterity and grit, or performing powerful, eye-watering stunts, these gifted extreme sports athletes demonstrate the most breath-taking style, passion and skill. Nothing will get in the way of their success –one that depends on perfecting their bikes and accomplishing extraordinary feats. STANLEY tools play an essential role in putting this hard-earned victory within reach. Whether carrying out major technical repairs or simple mechanical refinements, STANLEY provides the critical tools to deliver a flawless performance.