How to Install a New Toilet

Step 1: Remove the Old Toilet


To remove an old toilet, first turn off the water supply and flush until the tank is empty.  Then, disconnect the supply line from the tank, remove the plastic flange nuts from each side of the base and lift the toilet out of the room.

Step 2: Clean the Flange


To prepare the flange, scrape away the old wax, wipe with a cloth and remove the old flange bolts.


Step 3: Draw Reference Marks


Use a tape measure to locate the center of the flange and use a carpenter pencil to transfer reference marks to the floor that will help align the toilet during installation.


Step 4: Install New Flange Bolts and Wax Ring


Insert new flange bolts in-line with the reference mark on each side of the flange. Then, install the wax ring by firmly pressing it in place.

Step 5: Set with Body Weight


Now, lift the new toilet over the flange and hover as you line up the bolt holes to the reference lines. Then lower the toilet until the bolts pop through.  Use body weight to sink the toilet into the wax ring. 

Step 6: Check for Level


Next, use a level to plumb. Apply pressure front to back and side-to-side to assure the toilet is level and properly set. If needed, plastic shims can be used to level the base.

Step 7: Install Nuts and Caps


Install the flange nuts on both sides of the toilet and hand tighten. Then add the trim caps.

Step 8: Connect Filler Hose


Now connect the filler hose, turn the water on and let the tank fill.

Step 9: Test for Leaks


Once full, test flush and for check leaks. Then install the tank cover. 

Step 10: Apply Sealant


Finally, add a bead of sealant around the base, tool with a damp cloth, and the toilet installation is complete.