Joe Gibbs Racing


With a grueling schedule throughout the ten month NASCAR season, only the smartest, most durable and reliable tools can keep the ambitious #19 Team on track. With four high-powered vehicles designed to excel in the Chase, the skilled engineers trust in their STANLEY tools to prepare and maintain these exceptional cars, and deliver a victorious finish.

Three hours of racing through 500 laps, the pit crew technicians work tirelessly together, preparing the cars, tuning the engines and changing the tires with the one single ambition in mind – supporting the drivers to bring home that coveted trophy and claim the number one spot. 

Joe Gibbs
From assistant coach to several college and NFL teams, to leading the Washington Redskins to three Super Bowl Championships, Joe Gibbs turned his attentions to a brand new sport in 1992. The eponymous Joe Gibbs Racing claimed its first victory a year later in the 1993 Daytona 500. The growth and success of JGR has been extraordinary ever since, winning four NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championships and expanding from a single car operation to four teams in the 2015 season. Joe Gibbs Racing has been built into one of NASCAR’s most successful multi-team racing organizations. Despite its immense growth, the company remains defined by the same principles of its founder: integrity, a relentless work ethic, determination, perseverance and team building.