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    Screwdriver Tip Configurations
    Slotted: Standard or flat for driving single slotted screws. Tip width range from 1/6" to 1/2".
    Phillips®: Designed specifically for use with Phillips® head screw, which has two recessed slots at right angles to each other. Sizes range from 0 point (small) to 4 point (large).
    Pozidriv®: Similar to the Phillips® style, the screw can be identified by additional lines on the face. Sizes range from 1 point (small) to 4 point (large).
    Square head: Square tip, used in mobile homes, recreational vehicles and industrial applications. Sizes range from 1 point (small) to 3 point (large).
    Torx®: Star shaped, used in the automotive industry. Sizes range from T-10 (small) to T-30 (large).
    Screwdriver Safety Tips
    Never use a screwdriver as a cold chisel, or for prying, punching, chiseling, scoring or scraping.

    Make sure the tip fits the slot of the screw; not too loose or tight.
    Never expose a screwdriver to excessive heat or cold.

    Always discard a screwdriver with a worn or broken handle.

    Never use a screwdriver on a workpiece held in your hand. A slip could cause serious injury.

    Never depend on a screwdrivers' handle or covered blade to insulate you from electricity.

    Vinyl covered blades are intended only as a protective measure against shorting out components.
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