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    Stanley Tools warrants tape rules against deficiencies in material and workmanship for the useful life of the tool. Deficient products will be replaced if sent to:
      Stanley Tools
    1000 Stanley Drive
    Concord, NC 28027
    There are additional facts about this warranty that you should know:

    Stanley Tools is not responsible for damage resulting from excessive wear, misuse, abuse, damage from accident or alteration of this product.

    Where permitted by law, Stanley is not responsible for accidental or consequential damages.

    The chart below will help you to determine if a tape rule is defective and should be replaced.
    Stanley tape rules are inspected and tested before shipment and are believed to be free from defects in workmanship and material.
    We are anxious to make fair and equitable adjustments on any defective tape rule; however, we cannot be responsible for tape rules that have had long use or that show excessive wear or damage from accident, misuse or abuse. Please use the following as a guide when handling claims for adjustment.
    A tape rule showing defects in material or workmanship like those shown below should be replaced free of charge. Send the defective tape rule to your wholesaler for credit adjustment.
    Missing Rivets


    Faulty Retraction; Blade Binds Up

    Ruler shows little or no wear, no signs of abuse - but fails to retract the blade fully into the case or allows the blade to bounce out of the case.

    Broken Spring; Blade Will Not Retract

    Ruler shows little or no wear, no signs of abuse - but blade will not retract into the case or wants to feed itself out of the case mouth.

    Defective Component


    Ruler shows little or no wear, no signs of abuse - but one of its components is broken or will not function correctly.




    Tape rules indicating hard wear or showing damage from an accident or misuse should not be replaced free of charge. The examples shown below are valid reasons to refuse free replacement. For customers requesting further explanation of Stanley Tools' Policy, they may call Customer Service at 1-800-262-2161.

    Torn or Damaged Blade

    Blade torn by retracting at high speed, broken by being stepped on or accidentally cut by a power tool.

    Bent Hook

    Hook bent when tape rule was dropped from height or accidentally hit by another tool.

    Rusty Blade or Hook

    Rust and corrosion on blade or hook indicates that the tape rule has been exposed to moisture for long periods.

    Foreign Material on Blade or In Case

    Foreign material coating the blade or contaminating the case interior will interfere with tape rule operation.

    Worn Out Beyond Expected Life

    Bare metal showing on the blade; excessive wear on case exterior indicates that the tape rule is worn out.

    Mistreated or Abused

    Broken parts, cracked cases, twisted or badly kinked blades indicate that the tape rule has been abused.

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