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    Q: How do you determine the accuracy of your tape measures?
    All of our tape rules are manufactured within the accuracy requirements defined in government specifications from the N.I.S.T. Handbook 44. We monitor the accuracy of our printed tape rule regularly on a laser Interferometer.

    Q: What is your warranty on tape rules?
    Stanley Tools warrants tape rules against deficiencies in material and workmanship for the useful life of the tool. Please refer to Tape Rule Replacement Policy for more details.

    Q: Do you carry springs for the tape measures?
    We do not due to the liability issues. The customer's tape measure would have to be sent into the QA Department.

    Q: What is the accuracy of your levels?
    ABS Level (42-466 through 42-468): .002 " (two thousandth of an inch)
    Stanley® Level (42-072 through 42-076): 2mm/M or .002" (two thousandth of an inch)
    Professional I-Beam (42-240, 42-244, 42-480, 42-486): 1.5mm/M or .0015" (One and a half thousandth of an inch)
    FatMax™ Levels (43-500 through 43-507): .5mm/M or .0005" (One half thousandth of an inch)

    Q: What were the changes that were made to the 10-209 knife?
    A second blade lug was added on, the knife is now made of zinc, the nose is narrower.

    Q: Why is there a plastic coating on the chisels and how do I remove it?
    The coating is there to help prevent rust. It can be removed off of the tip with medium grade sandpaper. This, although, is not recommended.

    Q: How do you sharpen a chisel?
    You grind it 25 degrees and hone it 30 degrees. A coolant should be used so it doesn't burn. We do sell a honing guide (14-050) that can be used.

    Q: How do you sharpen a saw?
    If the saw has induction hardened teeth it can not be sharpened. (Induction Hardened Teeth- Black Teeth)

    Q: What is the warranty on the Intellimeasure?

    There is a warranty on this product against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. The warranty is voided if anyone other than factory authorized personal attempt to repair the product.

    Q: Can the intellilevel laser rail be used on the floor instead of the tripod for carpenters?

    Yes it can.

    Q: Who handles Stanley Ladders?

    Werner, Inc. handles step and extension ladders. 724-588-8600

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