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    Stanley® Illumination Tools Won’t Leave You in the Dark
    Innovation in Illumination at The Stanley Works

    SUMMARY: Stanley announces the launch of the first in a line of innovative illumination tools. The new MaxLife™ 369™ LED flashlight offers a hint of things to come from Stanley. Capable of generating more than 200 hours of continuous light, the MaxLife™ 369™ flashlight utilizes parallel energy cell technology in conjunction with six bright-white, solid-state LEDs for extremely long run-time capability. Traditional incandescent flashlights could consume as many as 10 sets of batteries before you would ever need to replace those in the new MaxLife™ 369™ flashlight. Weather-resistant and durable, this flashlight incorporates anodized aluminum space frame construction with a graphite/ABS composite head.

    NEW BRITAIN, Connecticut, October 12, 2004 – Stanley (NYSE: SWK) announces the launch of the first in a line of illumination tools that combine emerging LED technology with innovative industrial design. MaxLife™ 369™ is an LED flashlight capable of generating more than 200 hours of continuous run-time when loaded with a full compliment of batteries, and unlike other flashlights on the market, the MaxLife™ 369™ product incorporates parallel energy cell technology.

    “Parallel energy cell technology refers to the manner in which each aluminum cell or battery compartment operates in conjunction with the electronic circuitry in the light,” said Christopher Woolley, Product Marketing Manager for Illumination Tools. “The circuitry controls the flow of the current, maximizing the load to the system receiving the energy; in this case the LEDs.”

    In most traditional flashlights, if one battery begins to lose voltage, it can draw energy from the other batteries, and the overall performance of the product will suffer. Parallel energy cell technology controls the flow of the current between the aluminum cells to maximize run-time performance.

    As an added benefit, end users can regulate the amount of run-time they require. For example, in preparation for an emergency, a user could maximize run-time capacity by loading each aluminum cell; totaling 9 AA batteries (3 per cell). However, if a user had only 3 AA batteries, they could operate the light with the same intensity as if all 9 batteries were used, sacrificing only run-time.

    Aside from parallel energy cell technology, the Stanley® MaxLife™ 369™ flashlight brings innovative design, durability and style to an otherwise stagnant category. The flashlight incorporates six bright-white, solid-state LEDs behind a shatter-resistant, pre-focused polycarbonate lens capable of withstanding severe impact. A four-position switch controls the amount of light generated (High/Medium/Low and Off) and a red low-power indicator light automatically activates a warning to let the user know the batteries need to be replaced.

    “We’re excited to be driving the Illumination Tools category,” said Gary van Deursen, Vice President Innovation and Design for The Stanley Works. “In today’s world, I cannot imagine not having an emergency light like this in my car, home and office.”
    The suggested retail price for the Stanley® MaxLife™ 369™ flashlight is $19.99. It is now available at hardware stores and home centers participating in the Stanley Preview Dealer program. To find one of the over 8,500 Stanley Preview Dealer hardware stores within a specific area, please use the Preview Dealer Locator.

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