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    New FatMax® Xtreme™ Instant-Change™ Handsaw System Provides A
    Cost-Effective Solution To Purchasing Several Different Handsaws

    NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 25, 2009 – Stanley announced today the introduction of its latest handsaw innovation – the Instant-Change™ handsaw system – during its new product luncheon at the Westin Times Square in New York City. Stephen Skeels, leader of the company’s Cutting & Clamping Strategic Business Unit said, “The new Instant-Change™ system allows users to forego the cost of purchasing several different handsaws … a more cost-effective solution is to use one handle interchangeably with seven different patented steel blades.”

    The new FatMax® Xtreme™ InstantChange™ handsaw offers an interchangeable saw/blade system that allows the user to alternate between seven different blades. Its tri-material handle features aluminum construction for added durability and added comfort. Also, its double-locking mechanism and adjustable blade clamp ensures a secure blade before, during, and after use. To change a blade, users can perform five simple steps in a matter of seconds: (1) release the locking mechanism; (2) press the release button located on the top of the handle; (3) remove the blade; (4) insert the replacement blade; and (5) secure the locking mechanism back into place. These simple steps allow heavy users to exchange dull blades and switch between applications in a matter of seconds.

    Stanley® engineers designed the handle to be comfortable regardless of which hand (right or left) the user prefers. Its ergonomic soft-grip helps to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue during prolonged use. The new FatMax® Xtreme™ handsaw system is complemented by a complete selection of steel replacement blades for a variety of applications. They are as follows:

    • Model 20-237 – a 15” Blade Armor™ coated, aggressive blade (8PPI/7TPI), expected to sell for approximately $8.99
    • Model 20-238 – a 20” Blade Armor™ coated, aggressive blade (8PPI/7TPI), expected to sell for approximately $9.99
    • Model 20-239 – a 15” lacquered, fine finish blade (12PPI/11TPI), expected to sell for approximately $6.99
    • Model 20-240 – a 15” lacquered, aggressive blade (8PPI/7TPI), expected to sell for approximately $6.99
    • Model 20-241 – a 20” lacquered, fine finish blade (12PPI/11TPI), expected to sell for approximately $7.99
    • Model 20-242 – a 14” lacquered, backsaw blade (12PPI/11TPI), expected to sell for approximately $7.99
    • Model 20-243 – a 15” pruning saw blade (8PPI/7TPI), expected to sell for
      approximately $7.99

    Available in September, the new FatMax® Xtreme™ Instant-Change™ Handsaw system (model 20-235) comes complete with the handle; a 15” lacquered, fine finish blade; and a 15” lacquered aggressive blade. Expected to sell for approximately $19.99, the new saw system can be found at home centers, construction supply stores, and on the web.

    For more information about these or any other Stanley® products, users can visit www.stanleytools.com or call 1-800-STANLEY.

    The Stanley Works, an S&P 500 company, is a diversified worldwide supplier of tools and engineered solutions for professional, industrial, construction and do-it-yourself use, and access security solutions for commercial applications. For over 165 years, the Stanley® brand has been synonymous with quality, reliable products. Its well-known tool and storage brands include Stanley® as well as FatMax®, Facom®, Bostitch®, Jensen®, Mac®, Proto®, La Bounty®, Vidmar®, and InnerSpace®. Security Solutions brands include Stanley®, Best®, National®, HSM®, Blick® and Frisco Bay®. Additional information about The Stanley Works can be found at www.stanleyworks.com.

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