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    Portable Truck Box

    Stanley Guard - Portable Truck BoxKey Registration Portal

    Create an account to register and save the serial number on your Portable Truck Box keys. If you ever loose your keys, log into the Portal, retrieve your serial number and place an order for a replacement key.

    User Manual Download PDF (10.6 mb)

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    Customer Service

    800-262-21618am – 5:30pm
    EST Monday – Friday


    Q : I have 3 keys – why so many?
    A : We have supplied you with spare keys. We recommend you put the spare keys in a safe place in case of future need.

    Q : I inserted the batteries, but the box does not lock, although the light is on.
    A : Please verify that the batteries are new. They may be used or weak.

    Q : I tried to turn the key, but it doesn’t turn.
    A : The box is not closed properly. Please shut the lid closed again.

    Q : I turn the key when there are no batteries in the product and it does not open up. Is that right ?
    A : Correct, please insert new batteries and try again.

    Q :  The alarm is set off in the middle of the transportation.
    A : Make sure the box is shut properly. The lid should click shut.

    Q :  What is the capacity load and useful volume and inner dimensions?
    A : The volume of the truck box is 42 gallons / 159 liters; the maximum load capacity is 132 lb / 60 kg. Inner dimensions are 17.80 inches maximal height, 33 inches length, 17.3 inches width (45.4 x 84 x 44 cm).

    Q : Can I get a flat tire?
    A : No, because the wheel is not inflatable.

    Q : I'm trying to open the box and there’s no reaction. I cannot open it. What do I do?
    A : In case it doesn’t open up electronically, most probably the batteries are weak. Please open manually with the key. Then exchange to new batteries.

    Q : I didn't succeed to lock manually. Why?
    A : Shut the box and let the box shut electronically, see the red light. Then turn key to the right to "sys off". Now you can lock with the key.

    Q : The system goes off and doesn’t quit.
    A : Please follow through the instructions for resetting the system ( page 16 in the instruction manual – also available on our site)

    Q : I closed the lid shut and the key was inserted.
    A : Make sure the key is in the position of "sys off" and then remove.

    Q : Where are the instructions?
    A : Please check inside the pocket of the front merchandising – the booklet and screws are there.

    Q : What size are the wheels?
    A : The wheels are 8.5”.

    Q: How much weight can the truck box hold on the inside and outside?
    A: Weight on top – up to 285 lbs
        Weight inside – up to 130 lbs

    Q : Why is the base elevated?
    A : This is a special design that enables overcoming obstacles on the way.

    Q : Would my truck box affect my radio frequency, cellular reception?
    A : No. It passed the UL and emission and radiated immunity tests.

    Q : Can I stand on my truck box?
    A : We recommend not to as there are wheels and it will not be safe.

    Q : Why structural foam plastic and not metal?
    A : Plastic doesn’t rust and does not need to be repainted

    Q : How does it maneuver on site?
    A : You can maneuver through push or pull motion. A special, patented mechanism allows this convenient option.

    Q : How do I mount the docking unit?
    A : Please refer to pages 11-13 in the instruction manual ( pdf also available here on the web site)

    Q : Why is there a 3 second delay upon arming the security system?
    A : This is to allow you to change your mind in case you’d like to remove something quickly from the box.

    Q : What temperatures does the box withstand?
    A : The product itself withstands a wide range of temperatures, however, we consider the temperatures that the batteries can withstand as the limit (usually 68-129 degrees farenheit; see manufacturer’s instructions) If the product is used manually and the range is higher.

    Q : Are there replacement parts available for this product?
    A : Please contact our customer service for more assistance.


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