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    TLM 300 Surveyor FatMax? Tru-Laser? Distance Measurer
    77-930 - TLM 300 Surveyor FatMax™ Tru-Laser™
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    77-920 - TLM 200 Professional FatMax™ Tru-Laser™ Distance Measurer
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    FatMax™ Tru-Laser™
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    Features and Benefits
    • ”Tru” laser measuring for the Professional– When it has to be accurate. Just point the laser, press the button, and measure
    • Ideal for: Appraisers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Technicians, Floor and Tile Layers, and Painters.
    • Versatile– Measure indoors, outdoors, and hard to reach areas.

    • Tru Laser technology– actually measuring the laser light travel distance
    • Large clear LCD graphical display
    • Single Point and Push ON/Measurement
    • Impact resistance housing with ergonomic grip for comfort
    • Measure areas, volumes, single distance, as well as calculate- add / subtract
      Accuracy: ± 1/8" (± 3mm) at 100-ft (30m)
      Range: 1'-100' (0.3m - 30m)
      Laser: 650 nm, Class 2M
      Pythagoras: Simple, 2-Point
      Tracking: min./max. distance
      Display Size: 35mm x 35mm, 290 Segments, backlight
      Units of Measure: FT/1/8”, FT/100ths, IN/10ths, Metric
      Splash and dust proof: IP54
      Indicators: Low Battery, Message Codes, Measurement reference (front / rear), and more
      Batteries: 2- ‘AAA’ 1.5V

    Product Details
    DANGER: Laser Radiation - Avoid direct eye exposure
    Max output power: 5mW @ 635-760 nm
    Class IIIa Laser Product
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