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    You are here: Products >> 16-268
    16-268 - 3-Piece FatMax® Wood Chisel Set
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    Features and Benefits
    • Hardened, tempered high-chrome carbon alloy steel blade for edge retention
    • Precision ground blade is accurately sized and etched with blade size
    • Patented, ergonomically designed, bi-material grip handle is break resistant
    • Steel striking cap for use with steel-headed hammer
    • Accessible packaging with blade guard enables customer to evaluate product in store
    • Blade guard can be mounted to wall for home storage
    • Includes: 16-254, 16-258, 16-261

    Product Details
    • Always avoid glancing blows along with over and under strikes
    • When facing another tool (chisel, punch, wedge, etc.) the striking face of the proper hammer should have a diameter approximately 3/8" larger than the struck face of the tool
    • Always use a hammer of suitable size and weight for the job
    • Never strike one hammer to another
    • Never use a striking or struck tool with a loose or damaged head
    • Discard any striking or struck tool if tool shows dents, cracks, chips, mushrooming or excessive wear
    • Never regrind, weld or reheat-treat a hammer
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