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    STHT83166 - 2"x 4" Clamp
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    Features and Benefits
    • Works with any 2”x4”
    • Eliminates the need to carry around bar clamps or pipe clamps
    • Non-mar pads to protect work surfaces
    • Both clamp heads can be easily inserted and repositioned anywhere along the 2”x4”
    • Provides versatility: 2”x4”s are easily accessible and can be modified to any length
    • Clamps will stand up right on 2 feet allowing project to be lifted off work table
    • 400lb Clamping force (Up to 850lbs when bolted to 2x4)

    Clamps are indispensible tools in the workshop and on the job. They make projects faster and easier by providing a second pair of hands to temporarily hold work securely in place. Choosing the right clamp is particularly important when working with wood since the wrong clamp can provide the required hold but also put nicks and gouges into expensive wood because the clamping force is concentrated into two small unprotected areas. This versatile alternative to bar and pipes clamps also includes several of the most-wanted features such as non-mar pads to help protect work surfaces. It's easy to transport while also providing 400 pounds of clamping force – and up to 850 pounds when bolted to a 2” x 4”. The Stanley® 2 x 4 Clamp works with any 2” x 4” and eliminates the need to carry around bar clamps or pipe clamps. It stands upright on two feet allowing projects to be lifted off the work surface as well as to provide balance. Both clamp heads can be effortlessly inserted and repositioned anywhere along the 2” x 4” and are easily accessible and modified to any length.

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