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Retractable Utility Knife
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10-480 - 18mm DynaGrip® Snap-Off Cartridge Knife
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Features and Benefits
  • Blade cartridge automatically slides new blade into position after old blade is removed
  • Stainless steel blade dispenser cartridge resists rust
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and cutting power
  • Smooth, slider mechanism features audible click stop and is self-locking
  • Strong, durable tri-material construction with soft-grip panels
  • Hang hole for storage or lanyard
  • Blade capacity of six heavy duty or five extra heavy duty blades
  • Comes with six 11-301 Heavy Duty blades (equals 32 points)
Product Details
Handle Length 170mm, 6-3/4
Number of Blades 4
  • Always keep hand clear of blade
  • Always wear safety goggles
  • Always be certain that the cutting material is secured when cutting
  • Always be in a balanced stable position when using a hand tool
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