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    55-122 - Stanley® Fubar® Forcible Entry Tool - 30"
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    Features and Benefits
    Our premier forcible entry tool designed by responders for vehicle extrication and extreme demolition: Press
    • 8-in-1 tool for prying, splitting, board bending and striking jobs
      • Demolition head
      • Gas shut-off feature
      • Spanner wrench
      • Pry bar for ripping
      • Hydrant wrench
      • 2nd tier board jaw also fits square hydrant nuts
      • Board jaw sized specifically for grabbing common dimensional lumber
      • Beveled nail slot for pulling & prying nails
    • One piece forged steel bar for increased durability
    • Heat treated and tempered striking face prevents chipping
    • Heat-resistant grips are durable and lightweight
    • Carabiner holes for easy attachment of shoulder strap
    • Hi-visibility 3M™ Scotchlite™ enhances visibility
    eDarley Finlay Direct The Fire Store Continental Fire and Safety Howell Rescue MES L.N. Curtis & Sons Danko Santiam Chief Supply Flame Fighter Illinois Fire Store

    Product Details
    Length 30",762mm
    Weight 11 lbs, 4.99 kilos
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